2-minute walkthrough video

2-minute walkthrough video


Give the prospect no choice but to come in a see the home for themselves. Video is a powerful tool that engages and holds attention to keep that home first on their minds.

2-minute live Edited promo/walkthrough video with live motion within and outside the home, not just a slideshow of pictures (Add aerial photos for $100 and I’ll record aerial clips for the video as well). Filmed with DSLR mechanical stabilizer for the smoothest frames and no “step shakes.”

Give the viewers what they want, Video! Live action within and outside the home. Let them know you’re going above and beyond because the home you’re selling is worth it and deserves top treatment.

Let me take care of the work… I WILL UPLOAD THE VIDEO TO ZILLOW FOR YOU ONCE THE LISTING IS ACTIVE! That’s what you get with a Zillow Certified Photographer.

You’ll receive a text or call from me to set up dates and times as soon as the order is placed depending on the weather and owner preferences. I wish scheduling was as easy as clicking a date on the calendar but life is life and Mother Nature has a mind of her own too.

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