Aerial Twilight Photo

Aerial Twilight Photo


As cool as an edited daylight turned to twilight is, it’s still not the real thing.

The real twilight photo is stunning, guaranteed to grab attention, photographed from the air and nothing compares and there’s a reason why…

Timing has to be almost perfect. The golden hour isn’t just about the color, it’s about the photo that shows the home in it’s most powerful lighting. I try to capture each of the best angles on the home in the time we have. The ambient light and interior light almost match creating a picture where the home becomes part of the surroundings.

The lights in the home must be on. Communication between the photographer and homeowner/agent must be in-sync. Multiple exposures must be taken. Post editing is precious… and the list goes on but the photo is so rewarding!

I try to take my twilight photos minutes before sunset, at sunset, and 30 minutes after sunset. The process takes me about an hour to shoot, sometimes more and for the obvious reason I can only do one a day.

This is an art and something that every photographer is proud of.

Twilight photography is catching on quickly and agents are seeing the beauty in the photos. It allows the next homeowner to really see what the home looks like in a “different light.”

And for only $175. Small investment for something that could single handedly help the buyer decide.

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