TROPHE.LIFE™ Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

H.R. 302 Section 378...

...each person that uses an unmanned aircraft system for compensation or hire, or in the furtherance of a business enterprise, except those operated for purposes protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, should have a written privacy policy consistent with section 357

It is the policy of the United States that the operation of any unmanned aircraft or unmanned aircraft system shall be carried out in a manner that respects and protects personal privacy consistent with the United States Constitution and Federal, State, and local law.)

that is appropriate to the nature and scope of the activities regarding the...


Written and filed permission of the homeowner/manager on record will be the most important artifact obtained before the collection any data (photos, video, sound, etc.) of any kind by use of any type of photography/videography device. 


First, the use of the data will be for the feature and promotion of services used on the website. Secondly, to provide the homeowner on record with the information they requested/purchased.


Retention of the data has no expiration date, however a license for the control and use of the data may be bought for $20. If a license is bought, any data associated with that license will be removed from any promotion on or off the website.


Media will be distributed according to the preferred method of the homeowner/manager with the options being email, shared live file, uploaded onto a private youtube link, uploaded to our website, or downloaded onto a flashdrive.

...and deletion,

After 30 days passed the delivery date of a license to any requested/delivered data, the data will be deleted off all platforms and will be no longer be available for edit or distribution by

...of any data collected during the operation of an unmanned aircraft system.

In addition...

  • Operating procedures - Pre-flight inspections, checklist, and safety will be the first priority before any operation. The first step is to make sure there are no people within 10 feet of the aircraft upon take-off, landing and throughout the duration of the flight path. The second step is to make sure every person to potentially come in connection with the flight path is aware of the operation and stays indoors during the flight duration (neighbors, people walking by, kids playing, commuters commuting, etc..)


Fly Zone: Where am I going to fly? Is it private or public domain? Has permission been written and recorded online?

Weather: Are flying conditions good? Will I need to utilize anti-stabilization because of the wind? Check all flight-prep. apps?

Surroundings: Will there be people around at this time of day? Will it be safe to fly low/high? Will they mind a drone hovering around them? What is the flight route? Planned photography/videography path?

Battery: Did I charge up all batteries? How long can I stay in the air? How far can I fly?

Settings: What resolution do I need? How bright do I need to set the camera? What frame rate, shutter speed, and ISO are best for what I want to achieve in my photo?

Propellers: How are the propellers looking? Are they nice and straight, or do they need replacing?

Motor: Are the motor and mounts in tact? Are the motors rotating freely? Is it making any unrecognizable sounds? Are the screws tight? Gimbal cover off? ND filters on if needed?

Controls: Is the smartphone ready to go for your flight? Latest firmware? Are other apps turned off? Is it fully charged? Remote control fully charged? Is it responding to your drone?

  • Insurance -   Liability (damage to personal property by me $5000) Drone (damage to the drone $1500) Injury (damage to someone by the drone $1m)

  • Accident Reporting -  Any damage in excess of $500 or any serious injury requiring immediate medical attention through 911 or a trip to the hospital, by law, must be reported to the FAA within 10 days.

  • Information we collect -  Any information collected will be used for a monthly newsletter (not weekly or daily or multi-daily that's just going to clog up the inbox), birthday promotions, or features and highlights on the website.

  • How we use information we collect -  Information collected will be used on our website to highlight specific services as well as to send monthly emails/brochures and to announce promotions. 

  • When we share information -  Information will NEVER be shared with other businesses or organizations of any kind! I'm really against people sharing or selling my information as well. 

  • How to access and control your information -  You can always ask me for it.... If you want control over the photos and videos, you would be buying a license to the material. I will be glad to sell you a license for $20 and give you complete control over the material. However, I own anything that's given to me or anything I collect on your behalf. You are paying for my services and part of that service is to SHARE with you a copy of anything I collect.

  • How we secure information we collect -  Anything on my website is protected by multiple layers of security (Multiple layers through my host: squarespace, the coding platform is triple layered with email and text confirmation, and each site is password protected. I even have the ability to password protect individual websites within my own website. If you have a private property you would like showcased and placed online, I could password protect that individual site with a password you provide. 

  • People in photos -   No people will be in photos without written and recorded permission.

    Updates to this policy -  Last updated 5/15/19