Q: Who am I?


Photographer/Drone operator/Zillow 3D tour developer. You can Contact me anytime. First and foremost, I’m a husband to my beautiful wife Eileen and I’m a father to my two beautiful girls. I was raised with family values at the core and taught to take pride in homeownership. I’m 1-of-8 kids. Yes, my parents were probably crazy but incredibly smart, passionate, experienced, true, honest, different and they sacrificed so much and taught us priceless lessons throughout our lives which is part of the reason I started trophe.life. My goal is to serve all listing agents that need quality, convenient, fast, reliable service in order to share their stories to sell the homes they were hired to sell. I’m licensed, insured, passionate about what I offer and ready to serve.

Q: apos’trophe of life?

It represents the story every true homeowner has… years of entertainin friends and family, celebratin birthdays, payin bills every month, wakin early every morning, commutin to and from work, stayin up late to get a few more moments in with each other, repairin, remodelin, refreshin the living room and kitchen, givin to the neighbor, grillin in the backyard, wonderin what the next cost will be, hopin the leak stops, raisin our kids or pets, lettin the dog out, calculatin to see if it’s affordable, takin deep breaths, teachin, believin, aimin, turnin, changin, lovin and the array of …ins goes on and on and on. The story never ends. The apost’TROPHE of life. This is homeownership and the apos’TROPHE is the story we tell. When you send that last mortgage payment in… you deserve an award and you deserve to share that story of victory. Place the ‘trophe’ on your shelf and remember how you earned it! Share how you earned it.


Q: What is trophe.life?

Homeownership! Incredible and powerful, true homeownership. It’s an award! A symbol! A Story… we, trophe.life, are at the beginning and the end of true homeownership. I am the creator of the trophe.life award. I want to be there when you purchase your home and I want to be the person that places the “trophe” you deserve on the mantel once the loan is paid off. Keep goin, keep strivin, keep reachin, keep focusin on winning the race.

Q: Trophe.life for Real Estate Agents?

Disclosure: I am a licensed NJ real estate agent and I truly believe and trust when buying/selling a home, the salesperson/agent, you reading this right now, is the most important person in the transaction. In buying, they are there in the beginning to guide you all the way to the end. They are there to hear your needs and to show you the best possible solutions for those needs. They are there to answer your questions and to calm your worries. They are someone to trust and have confidence in. They are there to give you the best inspector for the job because they know you want security in what you’re buying. Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases of a persons life and not an easy thing to do. There is so much fear and doubt. Most buyers become temporarily in shock when it’s time to sign. The agent is there to literally hold your hand. Emotions can fog a persons vision… the agent is there to clear the view and to make your dreams a reality.

In selling it’s critical for the agent to share your story. The agent is responsible for sending a message. A message written, lived and experienced by the seller. The seller is the person who knows the property the best and it’s the agent that shares, spreads and translates that knowledge. It’s the agents job to capture every detail and every angle of the home in order to present everything the home has to offer. The listing agent doesn’t know where the next deserving homeowner is or where they are looking for their next home so they must have the ability to send the message everywhere that person may look. Facebook? NJMLS? Zillow? Friend of a friend? When the message is received the agent is the one welcoming them at the door ready to showcase every benefit the home has to offer. I want to help that agent introduce the story through photo and video to inspire the next most deserving homeowner.

Q: My services? Drone?

My goal is to make the listing agents life easier. Words are heard but pictures and video are experienced especially from the perspective of above. When we see and hear together we develop much deeper connections and that’s where my service comes in. Understanding the value of the home is what the listing agent is trusted to do. Let me document the home in a way that makes your life easier and the message clearer for the next homeowner. I’m a licensed FAA drone/UAV pilot. I’m insured. My services are clear, quick, easy to pay for and stress and worry free. The foundation of my business and the foundation of this website is strictly designed for listing agents that need photography and videography as a tool to share their message with the next homeowner. I’m not the cheapest drone operator, drone service, aerial photography and videography showcase provider, in the area and I don’t want to be. If you’re looking for the cheapest service to showcase your home, google is a powerful platform to assist in your search. If you’re looking for a service that you know the homeowner deserves, you deserve, and the property deserves, ease of setup and communication, you’ve found it. Enjoy direct communication with me and ease of transaction for such an important service. I’m a homeowner, I’m a UAV pilot, I’m an agent myself, and I only provide the services that will assist you.

Q: award?

Do you officially own your home? Do you alone hold title interest? Are you lien free? That’s an incredible life victory! You’ve spent years of your life workin, teachin, raisin, healin, hopin, prayin, helpin, commutin, and effectively achieved victory and are now doin it all for yourself and only yourself. You’ve paid the mortgage payment hundreds of times. You’ve crunched the numbers thousands of times. You’ve persevered and stayed inspired, focused and motivated. You deserve an award. You did it. You’re victorious! You deserve a “trophe” of life; A story. A journey. An inspiration for others. A symbol for every array of ___in’s you and your family have been through over the course of the longest race you’ll ever run called homeownership.

Q: Who deserves the award?

Must have given a mortgage. Those who have given a mortgage. So many people think it’s the other way around. No. A bank gives you money, a loan, to buy a house and in return YOU give them a piece of paper saying that they, your lender, has full title interest to the home you’re buildin and livin in if you don’t fulfill on the promise to give back the money you borrowed called a mortgage (w/ interest of course).


Satisfaction. Received a mortgage satisfaction letter from the lender that has been filed with the county. If it hasn’t been filed with the county in a certain period of time after they’ve received your final payment (check with your own county the actual time frame) you as the mortgagor have certain rights. Most likely though you’ll send in final payment and your lender will within 30 days file with the county and you’ll receive the coveted notice saying you’re lien free. YAY! Congratulations!

I emailed the county clerk asking what happens if the satisfaction isn’t filed, and this was her response…

#belienfree. Many times we give multiple mortgages to have a fancy living room, a fancy kitchen, a fancy garage with a living space above, a fancy _____, a fancy _____ and so on by borrowing against the equity we’ve built in our homes which is fine, it just makes the game a little harder to win. Victorious = #belienfree #trophe #trophelife. It’s great if you’ve paid off one mortgage but you still have other payments going to other people and the goal is to pay yourself. Pay yourself and only yourself.

Q: Official homeowner?

You can find the award in here. It is approximately 5.5” wide by 9” tall. It is designed by me and it’s purpose is simple, to share your story. It’s made from 1/4” thick custom cut acrylic. It is cut and polished by Graphics2Art, a professional awards company based in Virginia. The pride of officially owning your own home is second to none. Show the world you’re an “Official Homeowner.” There are so many things homeowners endure, achieve, and work with each and every day. This is the award you get at the end of the race. This is the medal placed around your neck while standing on the top podium. This is the plaque you receive for being the number one producer in your home. Ask anyone that has paid off their home if they’ve received an award after their last payment was sent… the answer is no. That has now changed.